Steelworks on starboard vertical sides

Hp wash 500 bar, UHP 2500 bar of vertical sides and painting. Some small steelworks carried out on deck


High pressure washing 500 bar and hull painting

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Our first inlandship for steelworks and conservation at our drydock in Antwerp.


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Since 01/01/2017 VHB Marine is also actif within docking and reperations of  inland vessels in Antwerp.

Ultra high pressure washing from 500 bar till 2500 bar, blasting and painting jobs can be carried out in our drydocks.


Following our maintenance contract with the Port Of Antwerp we have to carry out lot of projects on bridges,locks and so on

Now we started up the overhaul of the DREDGER LANGE WAPPER owner DEME

At our yard we are busy with the conversion of the pontoon BONTON

During the month of september we have overhauled the DREDGER UILENSPIEGEL to the satisfaction of the owner DEME

  IMG_6640Friday, June 28, we docked the ship “Jade River” for general maintenance works.